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Whatever it takes to deliver a successful project. We can go the whole nine yards. Or just some of the way. You decide!

Creativity, knowledge and advice

Creativity, knowledge and advice

We support our customers at all levels. With our broad expertise in many areas, you can be confident that we will guide you through the whole process.

Concept development

Good interior design should reflect your brand. Together with the leading architects in the market, we help you develop a strong interior design concept. 

Taking into account the brand, the business, the establishment, the sales and the operations, together we produce a concept that gives your brand a distinct character.

By putting users and customer experience at the center, we make sure to get the right perspective on all design solutions and help you achieve a sustainable, functional result with clear added value.

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Each establishment is unique. To ensure a good result, we always start from the beginning. Regardless of whether your interior design concept is brand new or existing, we take into account the conditions, the business and the sales potential.

Together with you and the architects, our project managers bring out the best solution for your establishment. With the drawing in the center, we look at all possible starting points to find a long-term solution that lasts.

Project management, delivery and installation

Project management, delivery and installation

Project management is the heart of the process ... and brain! We lead projects and processes in all phases, from drawings and planning, to logistics, interior design, construction and installation. Together, we define target images and create a basis for long-term solutions.

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Logistics & warehouse

Logistics is everything. To ensure fast implementations, we have made logistics the highest priority. With our own logistics center in Halmstad, not only our deliveries arrive in time, it will also be cost-effective for you. All furnishings are stored, assembled and packed in Halmstad, and then delivered for installation without wasting valuable time. Thanks to our logistics center, logistics, installation and your building project are always done on time.

Construction & installation

Control the complicated! With specialists in both construction, installation and lighting design, we find the best solutions for your project. With knowledge and expertise we see that you always get full service regardless of project size.

Quality control

It's all about the result. After each establishment, we carry out a final inspection together. We evaluate the result from parameters such as delivery, quality and functionality. Even design, customer perspective and sales development are taken into account. In this way we ensure that the right goals have been achieved and that your interior design concept has the desired effect, both today and in the future.

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